Air Polution and Air Problems

Hannah Ford and Morgan Stouffer


Particles and gases contaminate the enviroment and atmosphere.


Air Polution is caused by gases and particles that contaminate the air. Gases such as exhaust and smog polute our air.  Other are causes are littering, CO2 polution, power plants, manufacturing,and burning fossil fuels.


Due to major air polution a scale has been deveoped. In soime cities the air polution is so bad that they have to issue warnings to stay inside. Many cities have green areas where air polution is kept to a minimum. Pollution effects the health of people, acid rain, wildlife health, ozone depletion, crop and forest damage, and global climate change.

Air Polution in Virginia Beach

Eastern Virginia is home to Norfolk's Naval Shipyard and several naval bases. The gases and smog produced by this industry have polluted Virginia's air quality. USA is the country most responsible for air pollution.


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