Engineer By: Jada Byrd

I love fixing computers and i can fix computers phones and others.

Education and Training

In a college degree a Associates Degree would have to be for 2 years

Personal Strengths

I am very organized and also it some time and skills to fix something also you can use your logic and your reasons to talk to the person that needs their device fixed.

Work Environment

It would be really fun to be a engineer and I am really going to be working outside because I would be dirty touching rusty metal. I will also be staying in one place. I think yes that this job would be stressful because custamors would be asking if their car was fixed. I will be working with technology. I will be working different every week because I would want to have the time to spend time with my family.


I will be paid $64.360 a year and I will be paid $34.690 an hour and the most money I will make will be $87.220 just by working with technology.

Job Outlook

There will only be 3% that are available in 2023. I am also still interested in pursuing after completing my research because I would be able to grow to be reasponseble for my own opportunities for what I do.