Job descriptions

Assignment EMP-1 - Louise Howard

Job 1 - Lydiard Park, Academy

Lydiard Park Academy, Grange Park Way, Grange Park, Swindon, SN5 6HN


Job Title: IT Technician

Authors name: Indeed

Specific Attribute required:

In order to get this job you must have a GCSE/NVQ level 2-3 or equivalent in IT. This is required by employees as it gives you a basic understanding of IT so you can begin to develop your skills further and become an IT professional. This is valued by an employer because it means you are a clean slate that the employer can train to their standards and with their methods, to become a professional within the business. This is required because there is no point in employing someone who doesn't have any qualifications in IT because they wouldn't know any theory. The "equivalent" could represent experience in the IT department. This is because employers now value experience just as much as actual qualifications.

General Skills Required:

You should also have experience of a range of ICT equipment and applications and knowledge of most computer components. This is beneficial because it gives you a base knowledge so you can begin being productive right away and also means you have a base to build on. This is why employers ask for this. Employers value experience in a range of ICT equipment because it allows the business to buy a range of ICT equipment and know it will be supported so downtime will be minimal. It also makes you more employable because it will show you are able to learn a variety of products that you dont know, and build skills on things you have already worked with.

Attitudes/Soft skills:

One of the soft skills the school wants you to have is the desire to learn. This is quite common in most jobs as you will never go into a job knowing everything about it. This is because different jobs have different operations, methods and procedures. So even though you were a IT technician before in a business, doesn't mean you will be able to walk straight into the school and start working. You will need to learn what devices they have, what procedures they have, both for your work and the work of the students/teachers, and also how regularly they check their back ups etc. This means you need to be willing to learn and adapt your ways. Employers value this because it makes their life much easier as they dont have rows and arguments about how things are done and they can train you knowing you're listening and taking on all the information you need to do the job correctly.