We Got the Beat!

Brookhaven Middle School

Project Idea

Students will apply music to geography. They will listen to music from the region that we are studying. They will compare the music they hear to the music that is popular in the United States and analyze why this part of the world likes this type of music. They will also look at the instruments that are used and how the resources in that part of the world can change the instruments that are used. Weather can also affect instruments and we will look at the natural disasters and weather patterns.

Driving Question

How does music influence your life? (School Wide)

How does music impact the world? (Social Studies)

Significant Content

Social Studies

5.) Explain how cultural features, traits, and diffusion help define regions, including religious structures, agricultural patterns, ethnic enclaves, ethnic restaurants, and the spread of Islam.

6.) Illustrate how primary, secondary, and tertiary economic activities have specific functions and spatial patterns.

8.) Determine political, military, cultural, and economic forces that contribute to cooperation and conflict among people.

9.) Explain how human actions modify the physical environment within and between places, including how human-induced changes affect the environment.

Major Culminating Products

Audio/ Visual media productions

Assessment Strategies

Formative Assessment-

Peer assessment


Journals entries

Exit Slips

Summative Assessment-

Unit Songs/Poems

Sections of reading and songs

School Wide CD

We Got The Beat - Music Video - Debby Ryan - Radio Rebel - Disney Channel Official