Cuneiform Scribe school

Paula Franco

The right writing and reading for you

Looking for a place to improve your literature or your penmanship? Well, today is your lucky day! Come to the Cuneiform Scribe school. We'll teach you how to write all of the letters of cuneiform, teach you how to use a stylus, and show you how to become a scribe, and what you have to do!

Cuneiform is the perfect form for you!

Here at scribe's school, we'll teach you how to write all 700 letters in clay tablets. You'll be able to access tools called styluses to write in the wedges of clay. You can also learn how to draw pictographs, the earlier version of cuneiform. Pictographs have 2,000 different symbols that each represent a different thing, such as cow, or sun. We'll teach you everything you need to know right here.

Life as a scribe

After you graduate, there are going to be endless possibilities. We'll offer a direct place int he government, where you will begin your work like an official scribe. You'll record laws for the king. And, get this! We also offer an extended selection of other options, such as grammar, history, math, stories proverbs, songs, poems, and legends, such like

The Epic Of Gilgamesh.