Room 113 News September 30th

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Conferences will be next Thursday and Friday, October 6th and 7th.

  • Students must attend this conference as they will be focused on the learner. If you'd like to speak with Mr. Hagen in private, your child can visit the book sale or wait outside the classroom.
  • Please check the schedule below to make sure you have the correct day and time.
  • Let Mr. Hagen know if you need to meet the following week.
  • The purpose of this conference is to highlight and celebrate growth and set goals for improvement. If you have a major concern, please schedule another appointment during an open time slot these two days or the following week.
  • contact Mr. Hagen with any questions or concerns:
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Reading and Writing

We have continued our study of nonfiction in reading and writing. In reading, students have studied the "lingo" of their chosen nonfiction topics. Our class learned about how knowing the lingo of certain topics, we can comprehend more. Text features are key to understanding new lingo, so we examined text features and learned how they can help readers to learn new things from nonfiction books. We also searched for nonfiction text features in our own books, and discussed them in videos.

In writing, we have learned four specific strategies writers use to teach readers in nonfiction: using a variety of diagrams, comparisons, compound sentences, and twin sentences. We practiced incorporating these strategies into our nonfiction chapter books. Ask your child about these as well as what he/she is writing his/her book about.


In math, we continued our study of measurement and estimation. We had several estimation challenges this week and students with the closest estimates won popcorn as a prize. Student were also asked the question: "Is your height and arm span the same measurement? We explored this question using a variety of tools and techniques. It was interesting to see what students predicted. Ask your child about this.

Then, we made the connection as a class between open number lines and measurement tools. We used rulers to add and subtract. Today, students were challenged to show their skills to add and subtract. Student were given the below menu and could have used any strategy to solve the problems. Students made a short video showing their thinking that you'll receive soon. When you watch your child's video, notice what strategy he/she uses and if this differs from what you've noticed in the past. Also notice how comfortable he/she is explaining their use of the strategy and how he/she solved the problem.


We visited two ninth grade chemistry classes that we'll be partnering up with for our study of solids and liquids. We got to see what a science lab looks like and meet our ninth grade science buddies. We will see them several more times for activities focused around our study of solids and liquids. Our class enjoyed this immensely and wrote thank you notes to thank our friends for taking the time to show us their science labs and an experiment.