How To Care And Tame Your Dog

By Evan girard

Finding the dog


Go drive to a local store like Pet co or Pet Smart. And go in and ask what bread you want, what characteristic’s like no shedding, and what size you want. And if they have the type go in there and check them out and play with each and pick one that’s you would like to purchase.


Go online and type, where to get a dog in where ever you live and add close to you. And there will be verity’s of dogs to choose from just pick the breed and lots of dogs will come up and if you like one you can order its and in 1 to 2 weeks you can go get him or her.


Go drive around town and you will find a shelter. Just as a store, go in there ask an employee to give you a tour of all the dogs once you found your dog ask the employee how much is he, is he the breed you want, and other things you want to know about the dog.

How to prepare.


You will need lots of thing. The most important is a kennel. The next few things as food and toys and very important to. And make sure that your dogs like the kennel so when you go, it will be commitable for him or her.


Go to your local vet. A vet in town or close to you. And get your dog tested so if he or her is allergic to anything. The dog will be OK. And the doctor will hook you up on some food. And ask him how much food your dog’s needs so when you feed him, he doesn’t get big.


Go to the vet and get the dog a rabies shot and things your dog needs. And if you don’t want pups, get the dog neutered . And once you’re done, give your dog a treat for doing well. And if his nail gets to sharp go and ask to polish and trim them.

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Taming And Naming


To train your dog you teach him the most common rules, 1 sit, 2 stay, 3 good and bad, 4 bathroom trained. To do all these you do for 1 is when he sits you say good boy or girl. Repeat with stay. And 4 if he poops or pees in the house say bad dog and make me feel bad so he won’t do it again. And taking a bath is important to all you do is just turn the bathtub in, get some dog shampoo and do it like if you would yourself.


This isn’t that hard all you do is see what it like or name him what you want. Like you can name him food (fudge as an example) and you can do someone from a tv. You can do anything even a real human name.


Once all these steps are done you and your dog will be happy and even better, your dog will be well behaved and will be ok to trust what he or she does. And you can be proud of yourself for doing a hard task.

Get To Know Your Dog

Favorite food buy lots of food depending on your dog’s diet or allergies and test them buy giving him a little from each bag and eventually there will be a type of food he really like and when that comes up, wright it down and know to buy that more.

Favorite toy

Buy 5 or more items and play for 5 minutes each and see which one your dog like the most, so he will have more fun playing with you and he will have some exercise because he like the toy more. And do fetch tug of war or even hide and seek.

Favorite rubbing spot

Rub and stroke everywhere on his body and see his reaction. You will know what place he like buy him looking at you or simply wagging his tail. And he will enjoy getting pet where the spot is.


Neutering= a shot that make it were the dog cant have babies.

Taming=to train a dog.