By Will

Slavehaven Underground Railroad Museum

3 interesting facts*The museum was constructed in1849 by Jakob Burkle*Filled with 19th centry furnishing displays of artifacts from slavery days*Was the fromer home of the maker of the museum

Coutry Music Hall of Fame

1. Largest popular music muesum in the world. 2. Has more than 1,000,000 artifacts. 3. 188 inductees

Wessyngton plantion

1. Crop(Tobacco) 2. Location(Ceadar Hill Victy,TN) 3. One of the great tobacco plantations. 4.One of the states biggest slave owners. 5. Has 13,000 acers.

Abraham Lincolon Library and Museum

1.(Location) Lincolon Memorial University  2.(Fact) Has many rare items like the cane Abe carried the night he ment his death. 3.Opend in 2005. 4. The best attended presidential library.

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