Shocking Sea Stars!

By G. L.


Who in the entire ocean would decide that rock-hard coral is a tasty snack but the little starfish! This important creature is commonly mistaken for a fish, but it is actually an echinoderm. A unique body structure, a sensational diet, and a peculiar habitat are all part of the life of a sea star.


These exciting echinoderms have very interesting habitats, diet, and body structure. They create interest in humans all over the world, and many keep these critters as pets. This one-of-a-kind animal is one very smart and very beautiful.

Think Tank

For Think Tank I did a shape poem, a Quizzle, and a word wall.
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Go Fish

What watery paradise can fit in your living room? A beautiful aquarium of course! My theme was a tropical oasis near a giant medieval tower. First I bought a tank, filter, thermometer, salt, gravel, food, cartridges, and decorations. Then I bought tropical fish, and I was exactly sixty-seven cents below my budget. This what I call a close call.
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My coral reef diorama has:

1: starfish, 2: Jelly Fish, 3: sea turtle, 4: puffer fish, 5: clown fish, 6: clam, 7: Crab, 8: coral