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New Information

We ended the week remembering the events of 9-11 through a moment of silence and staff sharing their memories of the day. Our school monitors shared the stories of a handful of heroes and will continue to do so on Monday.

Please be advised that interims will be next Wednesday (9-14) and the following day (9-15) Parent-teacher conferences are from 3 pm-6 pm. To ensure families can attend, we have both virtual and in-person options.

Parent-Teacher Conference Letter

Directions for online conference scheduling

What is Flex Bell?

One white days students have a chunk of time to get academic support, explore a new activity, meet with college/career recruiters or interact with a club they might be interested in joining.

Milford Schools Super60. All the news you need in about 60 seconds! https://youtu.be/SJegbqa1mjM

Counseling Notes:

*Mark Your Calendar* the counseling department will host two separate meetings for parents and students during parent-teacher conferences next week on Thursday, September 15. 5:30 - 6:15 pm will be a College Application Info Session for senior students and parents. 6:15 - 7:00 pm will be a presentation covering the 'Permanent' Graduation Requirements.

College Application Info Session (9/15, 5:30-6:15 pm) - This session will be for senior students and parents. We will walk through the college application timeline and the steps students can and should take to complete the college admissions process.

'Permanent' Graduation Requirements (9/15, 6:15pm - 7:00pm) - This session will be open to grade 9 - 12 students and parents. We will cover each aspect of the State of Ohio graduation requirements and how to track the progress for your student.

Important Links for the 22-23 School Year

School Calendar

Hall sweep explanation


Use Pay Schools to pay for lunches, school fees, sport participation fees, and more!

Click on this link to learn how to sign up and get started!


School Lunches 22-23

    For those that don’t know, school breakfast and lunch will no longer be free in the fall of 2022 in all states except California and Maine (these two have continued the program). If you think your student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, you will need to fill out an application with the school district. And remember, if your student gets free or reduced lunch, they also get free or reduced breakfast. When the form is available (August 1st) for 22-23, it will be posted here.


    Milford School District has partnered with FinalForms, to enable parents/guardians to complete their child’s forms online. Click here to update your child's information if anything has changed from last year! This is the tool you use to keep all family and student information up to date throughout the school year.

    FinalForms Link


    Milford's Transportation Department will share bus routes electronically via ELinks.

    1. MEVSD parents use your child's student ID number for both the username and password.
    2. Click on “work with students.”
    3. Click on “view my students.”
    4. Click on your “student's name” to view transportation record.

    *The system is still being updated for the 2022-2023 school year and may not yet be accurate or up-to-date.


    We encourage you to have these forms filled out over the summer prior to the beginning of next school year. If you wish to drop off medication and permission forms for next school year, the clinic will be open beginning August 9th , 2021 daily from 8am-2pm.

    Patty Price BSN, RN, LSN

    District Nurse



    Stefanie Flynn BSN, RN

    Health Aide




    For information about athletics, please access these sites to find information and contacts.

    Fall Sports Pre Participation Information

    Milford High School Athletic website

    Milford High School Band website

    Milford High School Choir website

    Milford Engineering website

    Director of Athletics - Mr. Aaron Zupka

    Director of Extracurriculars - Mr. Josh Kauffman


    Click these links to access the district website and the calendar page with dates for the 2022-2023 School Year!

    No Outside Food

    This includes services like DoorDash, uber eats, etc.

    If you need to know what is on the lunch menu, follow this link:


    Dress Code

    The goal and purpose of this dress code is to set standards and expectations of dress which serve to support a learning environment that is safe and focused on learning. A primary focus of Milford High School is to appropriately prepare students for life beyond the school environment and the standards listed below will prepare students to engage, adapt, and demonstrate responsibility safely both in the school environment as well as in life beyond the classroom walls.

    • Student dress shall not compromise the safety of students or staff. Items/Accessories containing spikes/studs/chains/are not permitted to be worn.
    • Outer layer of clothing should cover the torso of the body.
    • Any garment or attire containing, referencing, promoting, or glorifying alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, violence, death, suicide, gore, and/or blood are strictly prohibited.
    • Garments and attire shall not be harassing in nature nor discriminate against any ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality or religion.
    • Student faces shall be fully and clearly visible at all times while on school property.
    • Appropriate footwear shall be worn at all times while on school property.
    • Costumes should only be worn as approved or on spirit days.

    High School Twitter Accounts to Follow

    Milford High School - @MilfordHsEagles

    Milford Schools - @Milford_Schools

    Mr. Spieser (MEVSD Superintendent) - @Milford_Super

    Dr. Arnold (MHS Principal) - @Dr_Tyler_Arnold

    Mr. Yeager (NGC Associate Principal) - @MrDYeager

    Mr. Haluga (MHS Assistant Principal - 10th) - @MHS_Haluga

    Mrs. Kauffman (MHS Assistant Principal - 12th) - @MHS_KKauffman

    Mr. Carter (MHS Assistant Principal - 11th) - @MHS_Carter

    Mr. Hatfield (Milford Academy Principal) - @MHS_SuccessAcad

    Milford Athletics - @Milford_Eagles