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Real Estate is Back!

Yes Folks the word from the National Association of Realtors is very good news. I posted an article on my facebook page at detailing the past years advances in new ownership. That article can also be found at Hurrah for us homeowners

How Much is Your Home Worth?

If you are looking to move up to a new or larger house, first you need to know
  • How much is my home worth?
  • How much equity do I have to use as a down payment
  • How will my payments change from what I'm paying now
  • What are current interest rates and how does that affect my new payment
  • What's available in my price range/area

All of these questions can be answered and a value can be arrived at with a simple text/email/phone call to 207-450-8107 and we'll get right over at your convenience to look over your home and come up with a selling price, and more importantly a new purchase price range and what the payments will be for a new, more adequate home to raise your family in.


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