The Deans' Digest

Week of 5/9-5/13

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Please complete the summer reading book club sign up if you haven't already!

The Week Ahead:

Monday 5/9: Grade Level 6,9-10

Tuesday 5/10: Math Interviews

Wednesday 5/11: Grade Level 11-12/Science Interviews

Thursday 5/12: Special Education & Reading Specialist Interviews

State Legislators Need to Hear from Us!

With the turmoil over Representative Gallison’s resignation, people in both houses are expressing some reluctance to make any changes to the governor’s budget. This would be bad news for charters in general and for Beacon and Founders in particular, because it would memorialize into law the change in how the local share is calculated. This would result in a loss to the school of over $110,000.

In the next few days, the RI League of Charter Schools will release a new toolkit with language addressing this issue. All advisories need to be prepared to act using this toolkit when it becomes available. We will attack this one issue with everything we have.

Thank you in advance for your advocacy on our behalf!

~Dr. Skeldon

Hickey's Headlines

  • Congratulations to Jay, Dawn and the Cast & Crew of Three Musketeers for a very successful production!
  • Sophomore Portfolio Presentation class today at 9:10 in rm 302
  • Tuesday Ten31 Productions will be giving a workshop to some of the Theatre students from 1:15-2:45 in the theatre. We will have a list of those attending later today.
  • Thursday is Freshman Arts Night! Please celebrate these students and champion their success by sharing encouraging words about how great their first arts night experience will be!
  • Looking ahead - next week is the final round of Capstone!


Murphy's Memo

Teachers, please reach out to parents! If a kid is in danger of failing please let the parents know, failure should not come as a shock last minute. As much as we rely on Power School to help us communicate, it is not a replacement for a phone call or email to check in and make sure the parent is aware. If anyone needs me to make some calls for them I am happy to do so.