Murder shouldn't happen


The people shouldn't be killed or hurt because they are different from others by the government

"Harrison Bergeron" by kurt Vonnegut and "The lottery" by Shirley jackson

"Harrison Bergeron" and "The Lottery" In these stories The both main people were killed do to the government . Harrison was killed by a shot gun because he didn't want to wear his handicaps. In the second story Mrs. Hutchinson was killed because her name got pulled from the box and she got stoned by her family and the people of the city.

Quotes / Analysis " Harrison Bergeron"

" The H-G men required that he wear at all times a red rubber ball for a nose..."

Analysis: Harrison was forced to wear many handicaps one as the rubber nose because they didn't want him to be his self the government wanted him to be like everyone else.

Quotes / Analysis "The Lottery"

Quote: "It wasn't fair" ( jackson5).

In the lottery Mrs. Hutchinson was selected by the community and the government to be killed with stones by the citizens and her family. They was forced to do it and it was their idea and they probably didn't want to hurt her

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Harrison Bergerson

He was known as the best at everything and being perfect at the age of 14. He died because he refused to wear the handicaps and go trough the pain of having a backpack filled with bricks and having black caps.
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Mrs Hutchinson

Hutchinson was pick to be stoned by the people. This women was not treated fairly because she wasn't doing anything wrong but she did even really care about the lottery draft.

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The idea is the citizens should be the way they want and the government shouldn't try to change the person you are. I think donald trump has a good chance of winning because he's a good money maker and most of the things he said about a wall most likely cant happen.