Collins & Co. Room 204

Week 4 update

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This week Greenbriar officially introduced the Buddy Benches to the playgrounds. Thanks again to the PTO in matching last years student's contributions to have one bench for each playground.

Student Council is back in action. Two representatives from our class met to talk about ideas to better our school and community.

Read below to see what else we did this week.

Enjoy your weekend,
Ms. Collins and Mrs. Cucco


We took our first math test this year. On Thursday students finally got to show what they know about Place Value! To get ready for this test practiced their math facts by playing "Monster Multiples" and other games. They also got started on "Math Facts Pro". This website tests their math facts and graphs the areas they know vs. need to know. It's a helpful tool to help track their growth.

We're excited that our first test is behind us, up next is Chapter 2. We will be focusing on Multiplying 10's, 100's and 1,000's.

Reading Workshop

We've started our fifth grade reading focus of "Close Reading". This week we talked about how to read for information. We are now experts of reading for the purpose of learning and practiced the strategies of reading a piece twice, looking for clue words on what to look for and how to highlight for only the most important information. This will help us read more efficiently and look back to quickly find important information.

Writing Workshop

Ralph Fletcher's book has helped us continue to grow our Writer's Notebooks. This week we read his chapters on "Fierce Wonderings" and"Writing Small". His entries have generated great ideas to write about.

We also worked on our first Mentor Sentence. Each week we'll pick apart a sentence to identify parts of speech, grammar rules and literary devices. Then, we'll revise the sentence, imitate it and show what we learned about grammar by taking a quiz on Friday.

Social Studies

Taxes, taxes, taxes.... my oh my, King George III has decided to tax anything and everything. This week students learned about the Stamp Act, the Sugar Act and the Quartering Act. We created a flip book about taxes and read about the different types of soldiers.

On Friday, students participated in a Reader's Theater of "The Boston Massacre". Students each took a role to help learn about what happened on March 5th, 1770 while participating in this fun activity.

Type to Learn

We have been working on our typing skills and they are improving! However, the students still need to focus on proper technique while practicing.

We are encouraging the student to:

  • sit up straight (no yoga balls)
  • feet flat on the floor
  • fingers curved
  • fingers on (or close to) the home keys
  • eyes on the screen

While practicing at home, be sure to reinforce these skills. Please note that all assessments on Type to Learn will be completed at school.

Ask your Student about:

*Brain Breaks

*School House Rock songs

*How to "Horsengoggle"

*Boston Massacre Readers Theater

*Spirit Lunch

*What they think about the main character, "Auggie" in our book Wonder.

*Celebrating "Dot Day" with our buddies.

Things to come:

  • Tuesday, September 23rd: School Board (Meeting 7pm)
  • Thursday, September 25th: No School- Rosh Hashanah