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Simple Collaborative Rotoscope Animation

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I've been swamped with requests to explain...

So many people reached out to me about the flipbookit rotoscope lesson that I decided to create a mini eBook to walk teachers through all the steps.

This could be used to learn the process yourself or as guide for instruction with your students.


The Mini eBook Helps You

  • Transform your video to 24 frames
  • Set up your class for drawing one frame each
  • Showcase it with a Flipbookit

Flipbookit Coupon Code

Hey great news!

Flipbookit is giving out an educator’s discount of 15% off.

It will be good for the next 6 mos

Code: TNFXD2

The Party Pack is great for art shows and animation clubs

Tricia Fuglestad

K-5 Art Teacher

MATL in Tech Integration

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