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Week #3 September 8

~Have A Fabulous Week~

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Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world~ Maria Montessori

Dates to Note

Tuesday, September 8: Cross Country Meet @ Lakeland

Thursday, September 10: Soccer Game @ Oak Farm

Thursday, September 10: Cross Country Practice

Notes From Sarah-

Insurance Open Enrollment - Month of September

The month of September is our health insurance open enrollment period. If you were unable to attend one of the meetings this past Friday, please contact Sarah S-C to schedule an appointment. You will be receiving an open enrollment form in your mailbox this week. Please complete by checking your plan, sign and date, then return to Sarah. Now is the time to make any revisions as well.

As soon as we know more about the Guardian Voluntary coverages (dental, life, ad&d), this information will be passed on to you.

Light the Night - Emma & Allison

Emma Leedy & Allison Burton will be emailing the elementary classrooms soon (today maybe!) to set up a time to meet with your students to discuss this year's Light the Night event. This could be a whole group deal or class by class, whatever would work best for you. Stay tuned and SAVE THE DATE - Tuesday, September 29!

Do you need a volunteer?!

Contact Macy if you need help with any school related project - email or call her extension which is 1560. She will do what she can to get you what you need when you need it! If you have something lined up on your own, just let Macy know via email so she can be sure to track hours and acknowledge the volunteers adequately.


Also - Don't forget to put your drop in the bucket for 100%! From $1 to 1 with some zeros attached, any size gift is welcome. Please share what you can and wish and cross your name off the list. Thank you!

Teachers and Specialists

Please Email a 50 word professional Bio to Sarah by October 1st

Things to Include:

*Education Credentials

* Years in Education - Along with years at Oak Farm

* Special Areas of Interest

* Personal Tidbit - Example: In my free time I enjoy riding horses.

Notes From Kelly-

Lisa finished passing out first aid kits and back packs to everyone today. Please double check to make sure each classroom has a small (lunch box size) first aid kit along with a emergency back pack. All specialists should have one or the other, but classrooms should have both. Let me know if you are missing one of these, and we will make sure it is taken care of ASAP.

Faculty Childcare - September 18

Do you need childcare for this month's inservice? If so, you MUST RESERVE YOUR SPOT BY WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9

! Email Macy letting her know if your kiddos will be staying for the afternoon (this is free... however, lunch is not provided)

September Tall Oak Leaves Due-Date

Please email newsletter submissions (text & photos with captions) to Macy by Wednesday, September 16. Contact her directly if you have any questions or need help.

If you are having trouble deciding what to submit - here is a little process to help:

1. Think about your classroom/level - what is something that is super cool going on or that you are preparing for?!

2. Snap a few pictures of what you see happening (call Macy at 1560 if it is a one time photo opportunity, or snap it with your cell phone and then reference it for step 3)

3. Later in the day - look at the picture, and write down/type out your thoughts of what is happening in the picture.

What is happening? Why is it cool? Why is it special to Oak Farm? What can parents do with this information?

4. Take your notes and form it into an easy to read paragraph or two. This doesn't need to be much

5. Gather more pictures that capture the topic of your paragraph - these need to be "high quality" - either taken with an actual camera, or emailed to Macy via a smart phone and sending "actual size" image rather than the smallest image size.

6. Write a few captions for the pictures - include an action of what is happening as well as the first names of the students in the image6. Email paragraph(s) and photos (at least 5) to Macy by the above date.

Journey and Discovery- September 19th 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Journey and Discovery is quickly approaching. The process will be the same as in the past. Make sure you meet with your team to arrange who will be attending Journey and Discovery and who will be attending Fall Festival. Once you have this arranged please email me and let me know who will be attending each event.


Everyone should be in the loop regarding all the Google calendars. Please contact Macy if you have any questions or concerns about them.

Vision Screening

A Noble County Parkview Nurse will be on campus on Tuesday, September 22 from 9-Noon to check some of the students' eyesight. This is a VERY fast process and shouldn't disrupt your classes much. The location of the screening will be shared soon - we are trying our best to make this as least disruptive to the morning work cycle as possible! The following students will be checked:

  • VIC HOUSE: Pre-K, K
  • LOWER: 1st, 3rd
  • UPPER: 5th
  • MIDDLE: 8th
  • Can also check any student that is recommended by a teacher from another level/grade

Time-off Request

Time-off Request are being done slightly different this year. Please be sure to look over the email that was sent last week regarding this.

Fall Festival

Plans are in motion for making this year's Fall Festival one to remember! Macy & a parent volunteer, Mikah Simmons, are helping to organize this year's event. Here is what you need to know as a faculty member:

WHEN: October 3, 2015 10:00-1:00 (with set up and tear down and hour before & after)WHERE: Victorian Farmhouse "Back yard", woods, Lower Elementary Basketball court, (hopefully) wagon rides along Lemper Road. ALL CLASSROOMS will be closed. 6 bathrooms will be available in the Victorian Farmhouse only (Library, Admin Hallway, PE room)WHO: All are welcome of course, but it is mandatory for those who did not participate in Journey & DiscoveryWHAT TO DO? Pack a lunch for you and your family to enjoy. While you are at the festival there are various tasks that need to be done. Macy will be sharing a Sign-Up Genius link soon for you to add your name to, but here are some ideas of things you could help with:

  • Classroom or Level Activity - craft, yard game, guided hikes, exploration table, camp fire etc (if you want to do this, please email Macy directly, don't wait for the sign-up genius email!)
  • Set up - arrive at 9am (or earlier!) to help with set up
  • Tear Down - be willing to stay until 2:00 to make sure the environment is ready for the following week
  • Work a table with a predetermined activity
  • Make a Fall Festival Play List - we would like to plug in an ipod and enjoy the tunes on campus... are you a DJ in the making and want to share your talent of putting family friendly, advertising free, music together for all to enjoy during the festival?

Student Teachers Begin

Student teachers will be joining us from IPFW for 10 weeks beginning next week in Primary, Lower El and Upper El. Please welcome these potential future Montessori teachers! Thank you P1 and Elementary for hosting!

Moment from Macy-

What would the most translated words be from your classroom?! For fun, email them to me!

Android: 100 Billion Words

Please Note-

Faculty Calendars are on the W- drive. You may have an old copy of the 2015-2016 Faculty Calendar and the dates will not match up with the School Calendar . Be sure to reference from the updated version.

Happy Birthday to...


9/1 Sara Gensic

9/4 Ashley Knudson & Gary Leatherman

9/5 Jill Hoffelder


9/10 Jamie Worman

9/13 Rob Tomlinson

9/18 Bridget York

9/21 Sarah S-C

9/24 Lisa Held

9/26 Carmela Lopriore