Traveling to Syria?

Some things you should know

Basic overview of Syria

The flag is a rectsngle with red on top, white in the middle, and black on the bottom with three green stars in the middle. Syria is located in Western Asia bordering Lebanon and the Mediteranean Sea with Iraq in the east and Turkey to the north.

Statistics of Syria

- The population size of Syria in 2013 was 22.85 million

- Syria has an area of 71,998 miles

- The main religon of Syria is 74% Sunni musilim and of which 80% are native Syrians. The remainder of the population consists of Kurds, Turkomans, Circassians, and Palestinians.

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Places to go in Syria

- The capital city of Syria is Damascus, however it is not the largest city.

- The largest city located in Syria is Aleppo and has a population of 2.302 million(2005).

- Some places worth visiting are ; Damascus, Lattakia, and Tartus.

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