Kingdom News

Linda King, 1st grade, JCMES

PALS assessments are completed!!

I am happy to report that the mid-year PALS assessments are completed. Tomorrow (Friday), in your child's folder you will find a paper with your child's results and how they compare to the benchmark (where we expected them to perform) at mid-year. Everyone has shown growth and ultimately, that is our goal. The benchmarks help us to determine if students are on track to meet the end of year goals to help them be prepared for the challenges that come in 2nd grade. Once you go over your child's results, let me know if you would like to meet. Conference Day is coming on Feb. 1st from 1:00--7:00. If you have concerns that can not wait until then, please let me know and we'll schedule a time that works for both of us. Otherwise, in about a week or so I'll be sending home a sign up sheet for Conference Day.


This week we welcomed a new student to our class. Her name is Alliana. Our class has been very friendly and welcoming. Your kids are awesome citizens!