Post Classical Asia

By: Jenna and Darby

Which cultural advancements from the Chinese dynasty's impact our world today?

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty lasted from 618 to 907

It was considered the 2nd greatest Dynasty of Chinese history.

Many Turkish people migrated to the Tang Dynasty but also lots of other foreigners.

Buddism was spread throughout the Dynasty and all around it.

The economy was very weak at the start of the dynasty. There weren't very many wealthy people in the dynasty but the people tried to change that. The economy tried to spread the wealth throughout the dynasty by giving land to peasants. The government started to weaken around the 8th century, the emporer wasn't being a good emporer. The people of the dynasty started rebelling and made the emporer have his true love hung. After his love died the government was a little better but they had constant invasions and rebellions happening that eventually the empire fell in 907.

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Song Dynasty

Song Dynasty lasted from 960 to 1279.

Considered One of the greatest Dynasties ruling over China.

It was small compared to the Han, Tang and Qing dynasties.

It was a time of economical, cultural and social prosperity also often coined as Chinese "renaissance". In the beginning of the dynasty northern neighbors kept crossing into the Song's territory and occupied a lot of the land owned by the Song. With the northerners becoming a problem the Song needed to move their Imperial court farther south into Hangzhou. The Song could never overcome the northerners. During the Song ruling period the economy in China grew and matured as well as agriculture and trade. Lots of peasants worked on farms, so the Song government helped peasants acquire land rather than only wealthy people have land. This act lead to a abundance in food supply. The Mongols were the dynasty that conquered the Song Dynasty.

Discovering China - The Song Dynasty

Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan dynasty Lasted from 1271 to 1368. Kublai Khan was the great leader of this dynasty. He established the capital at Khanbaliq which later became the city of Beijing. Khan and his army were the group to conquer the Song Dynasty. The empire expanded greatly under the rule of Khan. Mongols prospered in almost everything they did. They were the exception! The Mongols were nomadic which made it easier to fight and conquer dynasties. Marco Polo came to this Dynasty to work for Kublai Khan. Marco told his European people lots of stories about the Magnificent Mongols. By the 13th century Mongols have subjected North China. The Mongols fell because of many reasons some of which are... Too much money going into conquests, court corruption, the plague and many more things as well.

Ming Dynasty

Later period of the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming dynasty lasted from 1368-1644. The emporer of the dynasty was named Ming Hong Wu and he started the Ming dynasty. The Ming used a centralized bureaucracy. They set up a school system, manufactured lots of goods and new crops were introduced. Food production was great at the time and also trade. They traded across sea's and with other parts of China. It Reached highest power during the first quarter of the 15th century. The Ming dynasty was very good for China. The Ming Dynasty captured the capital of the Yuan Dynasty, to end the Mongol domination. During the 16th century the dynasty started to decline. Many weak rulers made the government corrupt. There were also lots of high taxes, peasant unrest and crops dying from harsh weather. Near the end of the dynasty there was an epidemic which decreased the dynasties population greatly. A revolt in the Ming caused lots of drama and eventually lead to the suicide of the Ming's emporer.

China's impact of Japan

China had a lot of impact on Japan many things such as...





-city planning/organization




-over all culture

All of these impacted Japan and lead to a diffusion of both cultures.

How do cultural advancements influence a communities economy?

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