The Red Badge Of Courage

By Stephen Crane

Main Conflict

Henry does not know if he will be a hero, so he goes to war to find out.


Henry - is currently in battle

The Regiment - also in battle with Henry and includes his friends and the soldiers mentioned in the book


Place: The battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia

Time: 1863, during the Civil War



Henry decides to go to war, then tells his mother and says his goodbyes. (Pages 4-5)


Henry runs away from a battle during the war. When he returns to his regiment he sees that they have won and regrets running away and then feels like a coward for not helping his comrades. (Pages 37-45)


Henry gets chosen to carry the flag. He feels great pride hen doing so. Then after the final battle the war ends, and Henry and his comrades congratulate each for their survival during the harsh battle. (Pages 110-121)