Principal Profile Results

Ireland Elementary, May 13, 2016

Dear John Ireland Elementary Faculty & Staff,

Thank you for meeting with me this afternoon to help create a principal profile for Ireland ES. It really does speak to your professionalism and your commitment to the school that you would stay for a while after school on a Friday afternoon!

Your feedback is summarized below, ranked by the number of responses. This analysis of campus strengths and needs along with corresponding leadership qualities will help ensure we find the best possible candidates.

I look forward to sharing an update in a couple of weeks and then scheduling the campus panel interviews.

Thanks again for your partnership,

Menay Harris

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Top 3 Campus Priorities

1. Instructional Leadership: The effective school understands instructional effectiveness within a well-managed instructional program. The principal leads faculty in taking an active role in instructional leadership.

1. Data-driven Instruction: Data tells you what and how students are learning. Schools must have systems for collecting, reviewing, and intervening with data. Instructional decisions are based on data measuring attainment of the state curriculum.

2. Observation and Feedback: The principal organizes the administrative team and other instructional support personnel to partner with teachers in improving teaching and learning based on consistent, short observations and effective "coaching".

3. Safe & Orderly Environment: The campus is safe and operates with clear rules and procedures. Programs that teach self-discipline and responsibility, as well as early systems to support students at-risk are effectively utilized.

**Note a tie for 1st**

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Top 5 Characteristics for a New Principal

1. Communication: Communication seems to possibly be the most important responsibility because it is integrated into most aspects of leadership.

2. Culture: Culture is the shared values, beliefs, and feeling of a community, and is evident in the artifacts and symbols that illustrate those priorities. Establishing a culture of achievement in the school might be one of the most important responsibilities of the leader.

3. Flexibility: Conflict/Change. Flexibility is about realizing, or creating, chaos, and then adjust to it. Leaders realize the situations and adapt their behaviors to address the situation. These traits also evident in the change agent responsibility.

4. Relationships: Relationships is central to the achievement of many other responsibilities. It is with face-to-face connections that one can build the credibility with other people.

5. Discipline: Discipline refers to protecting teachers from issues and influences that would detract from their instructional time or focus. Instructional time is paramount to teaching; more time on task. The principal has the responsibility to decrease the amount of distractions that impact instructional time.

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