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UN Day!

UN Day / Balls


This week we finished up our unit on balls by using reusable material to create circles. In the art center, they were able to print circles using toilet paper rolls and paint in a white piece of paper. They got to play with different textures balls, balls with items inside, baseballs, basket balls and others. It was amazing.

We started talking about conserving the Antarctic Ocean since most of its species are becoming extinct. The main animal that we talked about was the Penguin. We saw videos, made Oreo penguins and saw pictures of them in the computer as well as in books. They had an amazing time imitating this animal and talking of how they keep warm in the cold weather. We had a ton of fun!!!


Miss Camila and Miss Giselle

Next Week

Next week we will continue with our topic on United Nations. Each child will receive a passport and they will be able to travel to the different countries our students came from. In each area they will be able to investigate, create and learn about the differences of each country, so get you luggage ready for the trip!!


I want to thank all of you for all the support during this wonderful day! All the kids enjoyed having you come to celebrate the different cultures we have in Preschool. Thank you!!

PS: Thank you to Beatriz's father for taking all those wonderful pictures and sending them to us. Hope you all enjoy!!!

If you have any pictures you want to share with everyone please send them to me and I will make sure to include them in the newsletter.

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*Nov. 4-5 is a holiday. Class will resume on November 6th.

*If you haven't sent you family picture, please make sure to send it any time next week so we can place it in our Family Tree. (picture attached)

*Admissions has asked us to please inform them if there are any students leaving the school this December, so if you child is leaving sometime this semester please let us know as soon as possible.