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Is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Major points-of-interest include the Caribbean coastline, with white sand beaches ,historical Spanish cities, such as Cartagena and Santa Marta tours of the Amazon . There's also colonial buildings and history at Popayan, and many eco-tour options and interesting national parks. Not to be forgotten are the archaeological ruins, mountain trekking, coffee plantations, water activities and beautiful vistas .


There's 95% of the Colombians that are Roman Catholic. In general, the Colombians are superstitious and believe in small events to attract prosperity, health, good luck and love. Bad luck would be if the bride puts on the dress before her weeding day ,also if you see a black cat pass by.


Colombia's official language is Spanish, so you would use the Spanish word for" hola" to say hello.


Colombia three ethnic minority groups: the Afro-Colombian, indigenous, and Romani populations. The Afro-Colombian population consists of blacks, mulattoes, and zambos (a term used since colonial times for individuals of mixed Amerindian and black ancestry).

Customs and Traditions

  • HOLIDAYS :Colombia has 18 holidays 12 Catholic holidays and 6 Civic holidays, plus Palm and Easter Sunday. The city of Barranquilla has 2 extra holidays celebrating Monday and Tuesday of Carnival. The following is a public holiday in Colombia Año Nuevo (New Year's Day) in January 1.
  • MUSIC & DANCES: Vallenato, Salsa or the more suggestive Reggeaton. Other western styles are also popular including Hip Hop, Rock/Indie and Electronica.

FOOD:Colombian food is a mix of European cuisine with aspects of African and indigenous cuisine.They usually include a lot of meat, rice & green plantains (a type of banana that isn't so sweet), the very typical arepa (basic side to any Colombian meal, a bread made from cornmeal). In the coastal areas you will find a good variety of fish, lobster , and seafood.


Colombians are very fine craftspeople, known for beautiful woodwork, metalwork, and weaving. Some employment they have are in in trade, manufacturing, or finance. They are also known for transporting cocaine the most since its illegal in this place.

Holidays and Festivals

  • January 1 (New years Day) National holiday they celebrate this event to thank GOD for everything they are blessed to have.
  • March 8( Women's day)observance they celebrate this day to honor the women's appreciation in life.
  • April 13( Palm Sunday) observance, Christine they celebrate this event because of their religion type.
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