Kimberly Martin's Newsletter

Mandarin ELA Classes

Dates To Remember:

May 2nd – 20th – mCLASS (Reading 3D/Dibels) testing window

May 9th – Dibels Testing – Fu & Wang’s classes

May 10th – TRC testing by Mrs. Kerfien

May 13th – Movie Night 6:8:30 CMES

May 17th – Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast 8:30-10:00

May 18th – Skate Night – All Skate

May 19th – 5th Grade Talent Show 6:30

May 30th - Memorial Day/No School

June 2nd – End of Year Party 1:00 – 2:30

1:00 – 1: 30 – Ice cream in classroom

​ 1:30 – 2:30 – Lower Field (games)

June 8th - Last Day of School (Early Dismissal)

August 25th - Open House (5:00-7:00)


Homework -iReady Lesson each night

Homework Read with your child nightly

Homework Due on Friday


Unit 7 May 9th – May 13th

Inferring, Activating Prior Knowledge, and Synthesizing Deeper Understandings of Character

· Retell stories by recalling story elements/events in sequential order

· Recognize and name elements in a story:

Main character


Major events

Story problem and solution

· Make inferences about characters based on what they do, say, think, and feel

· Identify similarities and differences between the adventures and experiences of characters in familiar stories

Word Study: Word Families Sort 16 – Consonant Digraphs and

Words to Know:

chick, chair, chimney, check, chin, cheese

shirt, shell, shoe, ship, shadow, shelf