By Garrett Healey

Cause Of Leukoplakia

There is no definitive cause or source of how this condition starts, according to the NIH. Although it may be unknown, many Doctors believe that this condition is caused by abrasion and irritation of the oral cavity. Much common in older people, bad habits also contribute to the inflammation, like smoking and using tobacco products.

Symptoms and Signs

Rough Teeth

Rough parts of Dentures

White or gray patches shaped unevenly

Fuzzy or hairy Leukoplakia

Hard surface, cannot be scraped off and very painful when touched or irritated

Treatments and Prognosis

Any dental issues should be fixed with aid of a dentist. But most importantly drinking alcohol and smoking (includes "vaping ") should be kept to a minimum.

Looking along term, patients with this disease will be fine as it is not lethel. It will just cause a certain amount of pain and discomfort.

Leukoplakia is caused mainly, by Lifestyle Choices

Leukoplakia is caused and aided by bad habits. These include smoking and drinking. Choosing to avoid problems like this and others will help improve health overall.