End of the year party

For the people of the SPED dept and select others only!

Special Ed. and friends end of the year party


a Shout Out! to the seniors of the SPED department will be made during 1st lunch by me (Cale Enger)

invited seniors Don't Miss Out!

End of the year party

Friday, June 3rd, 11:15am-12:45pm

Marie Waller Lecture Hall (in the lower North Hallway just before the stairs and bus bay)

Event will occur during both lunches and all of 5th period. Miss Graves 5th period English Class will attend the party.

Please bring any food you wish to share this event's food is meant to be a mixing pot of all previous event's offerings. Cupcakes, Cookies, Cake, Chips, Dip, and candy will all be accepted. Please try to refrain from nuts or nut based products for allergy concern issues, also anything that may cause eggs to become airborn for the same reason. cake is okay though. thank you.

to sign up to bring food please come see Miss Lithgow in room C101 or Email her at lithgowjl@lcsedu.net. you can also email me (Cale) and ccenger12@lcsedu.net. you can also Email Mr. Gardner at gardnercw@lcsedu.net

SPED seniors need to arrive at the lecture hall by 11:30 in order to not miss the Shout Out especially if your last name is near the beginning of the alphabet (exe. Anderson, Chambers, or Copeland)

Upon arriving at the event please sign in IMMEDIATELY! before taking your food.

Invitations will be distributed via Email on May 18th. (exceptions kids of Miss Decker's class and Rodhes and Long's classes not in Mr. Gardner's 4th period. will be handled by hand.)

Tip to adults-if you want more time talking to me or are uninterested in hearing the SPED senior Shout Out! the the time to come is during 5th period/2nd lunch. if you want to hear the Shout Out! though (who wouldn't) 1st lunch is the time to come

For additional information and answers to any questions you may have and to ask that you might be invited if an invitation was not received May 18th. please email either me, Mr. Gardner, or Miss Lithgow at the addresses given above. or come see her in C101 during 1st, 5th, or 7th periods and during both lunches. or see me in C101 during 1st, 3rd and 7th periods as well as first lunch. and you can come see Mr. Gardner in C103 during 1st, 4th, 6th, and 7th periods. Thank You!