AISM March Newsletter

March 2021

Director's Message

Dear AISM Family,

Welcome March and what a February we have had! There are so many beautiful pictures, please take time to enjoy our students, on campus, smiling (underneath their masks). If a picture is worth a 1000 words...we are truly rich beyond meassure. March is a busy month, please be mindful of March Reminders.

Stay Safe and Healthy!


Important Reminders for March

March 5th- NO SCHOOL - Teacher Inservice Day

March 10th- NO SCHOOL - Liberian Holiday Decoration Day

March 10th - End of Term 2

March 12th- Report Cards for Term 2 available on Jupiter

March 15th- NO SCHOOL Liberian Holiday JJ Roberts Birthday

March 16th- High School Parent Meeting at 4 pm in the SPR

March 17th - PTA meeting (Zoom Link to Follow)

March 19th- International Day

March 20th - 1st Day of Spring

100 Days of School

Valentine's Day PTA Event

We The Youth Mural inspired by Keith Harring the American graffiti artist.

Ms.Saji and the Upper School are taking their creativity and artisic work to another level. We are all excited to see the final product. Amazing Artist at work.
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Student Art Work for Black History Month

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AISM Spelling Bee is coming!

We are having a Spelling Bee competition. You may have noticed students coming home with word list from their teachers. In April, we will have classroom competitions and the winners from the classroom competitions will compete with Our Lady of Grace students in May. All students will recieve a certificate of participation.

We will have clusters for the competion:

Grades: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-9

Ms.Kerry Rowe and Ms.Anne Cirelli are organizing this event.

Mission to International Space Station

Article written by: Ms. Evelyn Binoy 8th grader

AISM’s 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students are participating in a 6 week course of study, from the International Space Station-ISS in partnership with Virtual High School and under the guidance of Ms.Suba Srikumar our Science Teacher. This space program allows astronauts to share their experiences of what living in space is really like. The space program centers around the astronauts on the ISS. The lives of these astronauts on the ISS are exceptionally unique and this mission is inspiring many students in this class to learn more about aerospace and space in general.

We’ve learned about the structure of the ISS, the lives of astronauts on board, the tasks and projects the astronauts are doing, how to photograph Earth from space, and how the astronauts prepare for emergencies on board the ISS. One of my favorite parts of the Space program was learning about the structure of the ISS.

The ISS was a collaborative effort with over 15 countries working and funding it and millions of people on the ground and in space working and researching on it. Every major country working on it has their own module and section of the ISS. Similarly to AISM, the ISS is a cooperative and astounding place where people accept others' differences and move forward with the same goal.

Currently on the ISS, there are two Russian Cosmonauts, four American astronauts, and one Japanese astronaut. The photographer must have a special camera set to specific settings for the picture to be clear and beautiful. Most of my favorite pictures are taken during the night, where countries are outlined with beautiful bright lights. Another one of my favorite sets of pictures were taken during the phenomenon called the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The lights outline the planet with a gorgeous colorful glow that is incredible. These pictures also help astronauts and scientists keep track of the landscape of the planet through the years. Many problems such as the melting of the ice caps and the wildfires in Australia can be seen in the pictures they take on the ISS. These concepts that we learn in this program helps us gain interest in this field of science and inspires us to become astronauts and aerospace scientists ourselves.

The CLO is Calling...on all Boys & Girls Grades 4-9!

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Meet New Teacher for 2021 -2022 Ms.Xena Nam

I received my Bachelor's in Public Health at the University of Texas at Austin. My concentration is primarily in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Gender Studies. After graduation, I served in Peace Corps Liberia as a junior high school science teacher as well as the Community Partnership Outreach Specialist. My favorite parts of being a teacher are organizing after school clubs such as health, computer science, and science lab, courses. Post covid, I've learned to find "safe" hobbies around the house, which includes a new love of baking (from scratch!), workouts (via Youtube), making videos, and of course, watching Netflix. I've been trying to walk outside more frequently and drink less coffee but that's still a work in progress. Currently, I'm preparing for medical school! I enjoy having long and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about politics, medicine, and climate change, and I'm always stressed about the future.

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