Arguments and Claims

Activities RI6.8


In a pages document- answer the question- then submit as a pdf to the dropbox.

Do you think stores should be allowed to spy on consumers? Why or why not?

Read the Article: Should Stores be Allowed to Spy

Go to

Use the password on the board to enter the Scholastic Scope site. Then go to Past Issues.

Then go to the January 2015 issue to the article entitled- Should Stores Be Allowed to Spy?

Read the article.

Complete the Organizer pdf and Tone pdf after your first read.

Article- Arguments and Claims -RI6.8.pdf in Learn

You may want to read this a second time now.

Then complete the SCOPE-010115-CS-Debate-Tone.pdf with a partner, also in Learn.

EXTENSIONS- BBC site and the Argument Wars on Brainpop

Screenshot the outcomes of these Extension Activities. Deposit the pdfs of the screenshots in the dropbox.
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