GCSE Science for You!

A revision session for all GCSE CORE students

All of the best videos and activities for revision!

If you follow the daily Edmodo revision activities you will be able to revise for the exam and ensure that you have the right knowledge and exam skills to be able to be successful in your exams.


Every Sunday the next revision timetable will be sent out ready for you to complete the work and get ready for the revision / learning activities in class. You will be required to use Eduvee, Pearson Active Learn and scanned workbook pages.


If you complete the recommended work you will be sure to ace the exams!

Don't forget.......

All of the revision materials will be explained in the news letter available on Edmodo and you should go there for all information and details.

Remember www.edmodo.com

Log in with your group code and look up the relvevent information!