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From Lori Gasca, Young Living Diamond

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Traveling with Essential Oils!

I never leave home without oils. They are in my handbag. They are in my car. They are in my pockets! Seriously have some with me all of the time! I have a cute bag in my handbag that I purchased at www.abundanthealth4u.com and I love it! Following are some travel tips we have found helpful:

1. If someone is nauseous, we put a few drops of peppermint on our stomach and rub it in, then cup our hands with the residual over our nose and inhale, and a drop rubbed under the tongue is always helpful too. Other alternatives for nausea are di-gize, ginger, and lavender to a name a few.

2. "Are we there yet?" Feeling a little stressed??? Stress Away, Lavender, Tranquil Roll-on, Joy...Rub it on you and then grab the little feet behind you and rub it on those! The Orb Diffuser is a great choice for car rides...diffuse on the go! USB Orb™ Diffuser (item #5227) $25.75 Wholesale!

3. Ewwww...who did that? Let's face it, car rides don't always smell great! Purification, Lemon, Bergamot, Thieves, Cedarwood...all great oils to help purify the air!

4. Can I take my oils on the plane? Oh yes. I have traveled with 30 at a time in a carry on. No issues...yes, they can go through the x-ray. I also take a small empty spray bottle and when I get through security, I fill it with water and my oils of choice and spritz down the seats of the plane, the tray table, and the armrests! I also put a dab of oil under my nose to protect against the recycled air!

5. Thieves products...Thieves spray comes in a small bottle that you can use on door handles, toilet seats, or any surface that needs protection from germs...Not always a Buc-ee's bathroom when you need it. You can also use Thieves wipes...and, clean those hands with a NON-TOXIC sanitizer!


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How We Oil Up!

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Always start with less and add more, if needed. Usually 1-2 drops is enough.


Start on bottoms of feet

Apply where it hurts

Dilute with carrier, if needed. (Coconut, V-6, Olive Oil)

Mix with water to spritz


Straight from bottle

In Ningxia Red or Juice

Make your own capsules


Smell straight from bottle

A drop on a cottonball - keep in your pocket

Cup hands over the nose


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Who Am I???

I'm Lori Gasca! A wife, mom of 4 and a Young Living Diamond. What's that mean? That I have shared the oily lifestyle with a lot of people. I have a passion for helping people feel their best! If you are a part of my team, I appreciate the heck out of ya! If you aren't yet a part of a Young Living community, we'd sure love to have you. We have lots of resources and lots of education opportunities. You won't be left to figure it out on your own! TO JOIN MY TEAM...CLICK HERE.