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Hi all! :-)

This is my first attempt at a smore.com flyer. A colleague from the ETA Facebook group shared this resource, which she has been using to share links with her classes.

I'm always up for trialling a new online tool and thought this might be worth a try for sharing the resources I referred to in my 'Incoming Students' presentation late last year.

So, in this edition, I will share my symbaloo.com collections of reading, numeracy and dyslexia resources - all referred to in my presentation - which, by the way, I've uploaded on All Staff.

I'll also put together a few resources on this social bookmarking site, which can be used in the classroom as a great way of sharing specific resources with students.

Over on Pinterest, I've been collecting links and resources on handwriting and fine motor skills - see below for those pages for these as well.

Finally, I came across a useful article on using Google Tools for Special Needs. Now that DEC has opened up access to Google for us, you may find it of interest/help as well.

Using Symbaloo in the Classroom

Symbaloo is just one of many means of saving and compiling online bookmarks. I like it because it is visual, it allows me set up 'pages' or 'web mixes' of categories and content and easily add others' content to my own mixes.

Symbaloo can be used as a completely free service, but there is also a premium service for teachers at symbalooedu.com.

Not only can it be used as a simple, cross-platform bookmarking tool - ie: accessible via the Internet on any device - which is how I've used it initially to store and share resources relevant to differentiating and adjusting curriculum, but the premium version, in particular, extends its use in the classroom. For example, Symbaloo refers to these spaces as 'Personal Learning Environments' where you can not only share online resources that you've selected, relevant to your lesson, unit or learning ability, but also embed lesson plans and other content from Google Docs.

You might also encourage students' digital literacy skills by having them create (and justify) their own web mixes.

Below find some more info on using Symbaloo.

Using Symbaloo (a bookmarking service) in Education
You can read about some other ways of using Symbaloo HERE.

Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills

I've set up a couple of pages on Pinterest to 'pin' resources on handwriting and fine motor skills. These really are a work in progress. Most resources to teach handwriting are aimed towards younger students and the strategies to teach younger and older students differ. So, only so-so satisfied with what I have found so far. But, feel free to bookmark my page on 'Developing Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills'. I've also started compiling resources for colouring-in - a fun and relaxing way to develop fine motor skills in young people. You can find that Pinterest page HERE.
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Google Tools for Special Needs

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Now that the Department has provided its staff with Google tools, you might find the following article interesting. In it, Eric Curts provides an overview of some of the ways Google tools can be used as adjustments for students with particular learning needs. You can read it HERE. Google Apps is available on the DEC portal under 'My Learning Tools'.
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