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Little Cypress Elementary is GRATEFUL!

LCE families,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful I am to be the principal at Little Cypress Elementary. I am blessed to serve amazing staff members who care about our students and work diligently for their success. I have been blessed with building great relationships with parents and guardians over the past several months. Finally, as you know, we have incredible students here at LCE who I am falling more in love with every day. I have so much to be thankful for. I truly believe that thankfulness is the quickest path to joy, and I want you to know it is my joy to serve this community.

November might feel slow compared to all the events we had in October, but I know we will have three great weeks of learning before a week off to enjoy time with our loved ones for Thanksgiving. As we enter the final two months of this year, I want to encourage you to stay connected to your child’s learning and partner with us to finish 2021 off strong. As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns that you have.

At your service,

Amber Hawk


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Purchase your 2021-2022 yearbooks online!

(Our yearbook is combined with LCI.) Click this link to purchase.


Ten Reasons to be a Substitute Teacher at LCE:
  1. You get to create your own schedule.
  2. You can substitute for the grades you want.
  3. If you're wanting to be an educator, this will give you experience.
  4. You get to see your kid at school.
  5. You're helping out your community!
  6. Your work day flies by!
  7. You will get to see the smiles of hundreds of kids each day.
  8. You're making a difference!
  9. It's a fun, upbeat work environment!
  10. You're a piece of our puzzle.

Click here to download the substitute teacher packet. If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Reynolds, LCE Assistant Principal, and she will help you with the process.


A Note from the Nurse

According to state policy, LCMCISD forms have been developed to be used if a family wants to OPT Out of Health Services either the Nonprescription Medications or the Epinephrine Auto-Injectors (EpiPens). If the decision to OPT Out of services is made the parent/guardian would need to go to the campus front office and request the form. Please contact Campus Principal Amber Hawk or Nurse Misty Coleman if you have questions or concerns.
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Little Cypress Elementary Contacts

5723 Meeks

Orange, Texas 77632


Amber Hawk, Principal

Sommer Reynolds, Assistant Principal

Corrie Zepeda, Counselor

Misty Coleman, Nurse

Sarah St. John, Campus Curriculum Coordinator

Tessa Humble, Campus Special Programs Coordinator

Lisa Fisher, Secretary

Dee Dee Windham, Librarian