NHS Monday Morning Memo

WEEK 38 May 23-27

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Milestone testing is OVER! You cannot be thanked enough for giving up Chromebooks, your planning, your classrooms, your patience, etc. Successful testing takes an ENTIRE school, and NHS, you ROCKED it!

Weekly Forecast

Monday, May 23: Senior Finals: 1st and 3rd

Tuesday, May 24: Senior Finals: 2nd and 4th; Senior Failure list is due. Election Day; Graduation Team Captains Meeting

Wednesday, May 25: Staff Graduation Practice 4:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 26: Finals: 1st and 3rd

Friday, May 27: Finals: 2nd and 4th; Graduation-Congrats to the Class of 2016 and the staff who got them there!

To Do List

  • Election Day: Make plans to vote on Tuesday. Staff members are allowed to sign out to go vote. Work with your colleagues to cover your classes and sign out and back in at the kiosk in the Principal's Office. Submit Senior Failure List by May 24 and submit NHS 15-16 Failure List that has been shared with you by June 1
  • Show up for graduation practice
  • Show up for graduation
  • Show up for the final week and help students be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing!
  • Return materials to the Main Media Center and pay lunch charges in the cafeteria.
  • Complete AUP Google Form that was mailed to you on May 10th.
  • Turn in lost and damaged textbook list to Pat along with outstanding bills for payment, requests for checks, and any deposits.
  • Remind all students to have their fines and fees paid in full by the end of the week. Enter lost textbook information and fees and fines in Infinite Campus.
  • Plan to attend Faculty Meeting on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in the Main Cafeteria. Bring chromebooks, assigned radios, and a celebratory attitude! Lunch will be provided!
  • Hang in there! Be on time and supervise, supervise, SUPERVISE! We've got this! Go team!

NHS Rockstars

Thank you to the administrative team for all of their hard work keeping the wheels on the Newnan High bus going round and round! We are Newnan! You are Newnan!

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Technology Highlight of the Month

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CK-12 Foundation: Free Online Textbooks, Flashcards - sign in with Google account

CK-12 is an online educational content site sponsored by the CK-12 Foundation, a nonprofit that desires to increase worldwide K-12 access to high-quality STEM content. CK-12’s main offering is a collection of free digital textbooks (called “Flexbooks”) for high school age students, particularly on topics in science, engineering, and math. CK-12 has created more than 88 Flexbooks that cover approximately 5,000 STEM content areas (from life science, like DNA vs. RNA, to sequences and series in calculus).

CK-12 offers far more than just textbooks on a screen, however. It’s giving the word “remix” real meaning in education. In addition to traditional text-based material, CK-12’s material is available in more than a dozen other modalities, such as videos, quizzes, flashcards, and “simulations,” or interactive content that brings visualization to abstract concepts. For example, a simulation of force might be showcased with an interactive Ferris wheel, which the user can click on and move to manipulative a force tracker.


CK-12 Foundation Overview

It's Great to Be a Newnan Cougar!

We are Newnan!