Colonial craftsmen

By:Cole kuffer


I will be talking about craftsmen in colonial America.Did you know that gun smiths made all of there guns by hand.Did you know that there are 8 kinds of woods men. Did you know that boot and saddle makers work in the same shop.In this essay I will be telling you about Boot and saddle makers,Woodsmen,and Gunsmiths.

Boots and saddles

The saddle and boot makers did tones to help Amarica.I am going to tell you about boot and saddle makers.I bet you didn't know that boot and saddle makers worked in the same shop.Boot makers worked on the bottom of the shop and the saddle makers worked on the top.Boot and saddle makers made the tools they used.Boot and saddle making is a really skilled craft. that is all about colonial boot and saddle making.


Back in coloinal days alought of things revolved around wood workers.I will tell you about 3 wood workers .wood workers made cabnits,ships ,and barrles.Cabnit makers built cabnits out of the finest wood .Ship write, the ship write was a time consumer and a grate skill.the big wooden ships looked cool back then.Cooper,the cooper was a skiled wood worker. The cooper had to soak wood in water then bend the wood to make the barrle shape.That is why wood workers are vary important to colonial Amarica.


Gun smith is a very skilled craft witch later helped found later Amarica. colonists brought 75 caliber rifels. 75 caliber guns are as powerful as the guns we have today.The guns fired heavy mettle balls raped in leather.the penncelvania sholder gun was as acurit as todays guns.In order to be a gunsmith you had to be a very very skilled craftsmen.In conclusion gunsmithing is a very skilled craft.


I hope you loved my essay about colonial crafts.boot and saddle makers where my favorite of all of my paragraphs I wrote. Wood workers are very skilled woods men.gunsmith is a very skillful craft all of there guns are made by hand.I had so much fun writing about colonial crafts I hope you liked this essay as much as me .


sholder gun:the Penncelvanya sholder gun is as big as your arm and as strong as todays guns

Revolved:something based on some thing else.

Colonial times: a time betwean 18 and 19 centry.


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