How was the girls reputation ruined?

How was Christina's reputation ruined? Support your answer details from the article.

The Christina's reputation was ruined because of her clothes. Other people didn't like her clothes so they made fun of her. She got over it though and her mom called the school to make it stop. So they moved and Christina didn't get bullied anymore, but her reputation at the other school was ruined.


Theme- Showing that you care will make a victim be joyful, so they will have more courage to live.

Showing responsibility by telling an adult about the bullying, so you are still sticking up for them.

You can show trustworthiness to the person who is getting bullied, so they know that they can trust you.



When people get bullied you should stand up for them!

You will show that you care when you do that.

While the bullying is happening right in front of you don't let it keep happening.

You shouldn't be the bully because you should be the upstander.

When you stick up for the person being bullied they will stand up for themselves.

You will show that because you want them to be joyful.

You should always stick up for victims even though you don't like them,

When you do that you will be a good friend.

Since there is too much bullying over ignorant things you shouldn't listen the bully.



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We should be like these people to tell people that they are wanted.

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