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eBooks! eBooks! eBooks!

Did you know that Dallas ISD has a wide variety of eBooks in our collection? And did you know that you can easily download them to read on your phone, tablet, or eReader using a free app and just your employee ID? With summer around the corner, be sure that you have access to plenty of free books at your fingertips! Talk to Ms. Iden and she'll come to you for a quick tutorial on downloading eBooks. Good stuff.
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5th Six Weeks Library Statistics

We love keeping things busy in here! Here are a few statistics for those of you who are like me and love statistics. :)

Total items checked out: 823
Total items checked in: 1,443
Total items renewed: 79
Total items sent to other schools: 22
Total items checked out for In-House Use: 268
Student library visits (independent of classes): 4,268

Tech Tip - Educreations!

Have you heard of Educreations? It's a web-based program that turns your screen into an interactive whiteboard and allows you to record your voice and writing and share it with your students.

How can you use Educreations? Record a lesson, assign it for homework, and have students turn and talk to discuss it in class. Or, have students respond to questions about the lesson content. You can also be super awesome like Mrs. Tao and flip it! Have the students demonstrate mastery of content by creating their own lessons for the class! They say we only really know something when we can teach it to others, right?

Check out the short video below on how to use Educreations or ask Mrs. Tao if you can stop by her room and watch!

Student Logins

So, if you haven't noticed yet, sometimes students aren't able to log in to the computers. This can be for a variety of reasons but if the error message says something along the lines of, "Invalid Password," the student has been locked out and I can help resolve it. Just send me an email with the student's first and last name and ID#. It can take anywhere from 1-4 days for their passwords to be reset, so tell the student to keep trying and be patient.