The Invention of The Computer


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the purpose of the computer is for people everywhere to be able to access needed information


the original inventor of the computer was Charles Babbage in the early 1900s.

Computers use

when originally invented the computer wasn't flat screen it was wide in the back and small screen and was very slow.

Now days it can be accesed on flat screen and laptops and are very fast.

Computer innovations

the first laptop(using the flip form factor) appeared in early 1980s.

the first(internet phone) was the circa in 1996

The computer is

the computer classifies in the information and communication area in technology

Computers positive impact on society

Since computers were invented people all over the world can access needed information on computers or laptops

Computers negative impact on society

Since computers were invented people have made many innaproperiate websites, some people don't get exercise much because they're on computers so much, and society basically can't live without them

The science, technology, engineering, and math of computers.

Example, Computer

Science, had to invent/test the computer to see if it worked which is science

Technology, The computer is made of tons of technology all put together so it can function.

Engineering, computers take tons of engineering like look at the inside of one.

Math, The inventor had to measure/calculate the dimensions of everything inside and outside the computer.

What I would change

I would kick off all the innapropriate sites and the websites that give false information