2018-2019 GCA PTSO Executive Board

Your 2018-2019 GCA PTSO Executive Board

2018-2019 GCA PTSO Executive Board

Please take a moment to congratulate your 2018-2019 GCA PTSO Executive Board. Their official Executive Board duties begin on the last day of this school year. Your new GCA PTSO Executive Board members look forward to implementing new ideas, outings, fundraising, and successful events which fulfill the mission of your GCA PTSO.


Evelyn Phillip

Personal and Professional Information

  • Mother of 2, all educated in public school
  • NDI National Development Institute Member

· NANOE Board member

  • NANOE – CNE, CDE, CNC 2016
  • Member of the NONOE Board of Governors 2016- Present
  • Own and operation Home Health care
  • Own and operation Jesse’s Restaurant
  • Members of Georgia Non-Profit

PTA Involvement

Current service includes:

Georgia PTA Member: 2014-2017

  • 2nd VP for Georgia PTA 2016-present
  • Resource Development Chair 2013-2016
  • Health & wellness Committee Member 2015-17
  • Scholarship Committee Member 2013-13

Previous service includes:

Martin Luther King High School Member: 2000-2014

  • President 2010-2012
  • Vice President 2012-2014
  • Treasure
  • Advisory Council
  • Membership Chair

Salem Middle School PTSA Member: 2003-2006

  • President 2004-06
  • Treasure

Narvie J Elementary PTSA Member: 1999-2003

  • Fundraiser Chair
  • Field Day Chair
  • Book Fair Chair
  • Curriculum Consultant (3rd grade)

Chapel Hill Middle School PTSA Member: 2007-2008

  • Secretary 2007-08
  • Room Parent Tutor

Additional PTA Involvement

  • Chapel Hill Elementary, Fairington Elementary, Brown Mill Elementary, Cedar Grove High School, Lithonia High School

Community Involvement

Current service includes:

  • Helping hand

Previous service includes:

  • Women Domestic Shelter
  • Egleston Children Hospital
  • YMC Volunteer
  • Salvation Army Volunteer
  • Homeless Shelter Director
  • Georgia Youth On Parade
  • Youth Director A.O.T.C.F.C
  • Member of Brown mills Recreation Board of Director
  • March of Dime Regional Director

Vice President

Darlene Owens-Howard

Darlene Owens-Howard is a former Compliance Analyst for one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the US. She has spent over nine years in the finance division of the top financial giants.

Before moving back to Georgia she also worked as a Client Service Representative who assisted in the division and training of the separation of two powerhouse financial companies Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney. Including but not limited to assisting with finance professionals, financial advisors as well as their clients to ensure all needs were met under the business umbrella.

Darlene enjoys problem solving and is currently volunteering with Parent to Parent of Georgia as a Navigator who assists parents with finding the resources necessary to aid children with disabilities/special needs. With this comes the ability to also mentor parents who sometimes tend to forget how to take care of themselves during the process.

She also spent over twenty-five years assisting as an advocate, foster parent, trainer assistant and more with the Department’s of Children and Families Services, with continuing educational classes to keep updated with services necessary to assist the community as well as the public.

She was also well recognized for over six years within the Public School division aiding and working with children with special needs, gifted students and the list goes on.


Rachel Spottswood

Growing up in Cobb County Ga, Rachel always had a love for softball. Throughout her teens years, she traveled all over the south east and eventually got the chance to participate in the USSSA Softball World Series. Even though the team did not make it till the end, all the dedicated hard work and being a team player, she still experienced that once in a life time achievement!

Now, Rachel loves staying at home to care for her two amazing Kids. Eleven year old Jon, who she describes as awesomely autistic. And seven year old Kelsey, her softball playing "Punk'n" who is the most girly tomboy ever! Together, they prove to keep Rachel busy and on her toes. Rachel Dedicates herself to making sure she gives her family more than the world!

Rachel is ready to show GCA and the PTSO family her dedication! As with everything else she puts her mind to, she promises to be a devoted member that you can always count on!

Vice Secretary

Position Open

If you are interested in running for this position email ptsonominatingcommittee@gmail.com to be placed on the "Special Election" ballot in September 2018.


Barbara Maddox

Hello everyone, my name is Barbara Andrese Maddox. My family and friends just call me Andrese. I was born in Bartow, Florida but I was raised mostly in Georgia. I am currently living in Abbeville, Georgia. It is a small town where everyone knows everyone. I am a single mother of a lovely 12-year boy. I am also the Youth Minister at my church and the youth president of the youth department. I love to enjoy life and live it the best way I can, with the help of the Lord. My son keeps me busy with his school work and his after-school activities. This was our first year at GCA. He is really enjoying it so far. I decided to home school him because he has some health problems where he must miss school a lot. So, this was the best idea for us. I also work from home. I am also taking online classes at Independence University. I am in the Business Management and Accounting program. I am scheduled to graduate with an Associate Degree in Science for Business Management and Accounting December 2018. I am very determined to succeed in life. I am currently starting a nonprofit organization to help families that are in need. This was my son’s idea. He is always wanting to help others. I feel that I will be a good Treasurer because I have bookkeeping skills and I would love to help anyway possible.

Vice Treasurer

Tracy Kennedy

I am Tracy Kennedy. My family and I live in Villa Rica which is in Carroll County. This is my fourth year with GCA. I have three children. My daughter, Hannah, who is 19 graduated from GCA with honors last year. My son, Austin, is 15 and in the 9th grade at GCA. My daughter, Kristina, is 10 and in the 5th grade at GCA, They are both excelling. In the 2015/2016 school year I was the Secretary on the GCA PTSO Executive Board. I was also the GCA PTSO Region 4 Lead and was on the Cookbook Committee. GCA has been a great choice for my children. I have and will continue to promote GCA's mission of providing exemplary, individualized, and engaging educational experiences for all students. I would appreciate your vote for me for the Vice Treasurer position on the PTSO Executive Board.