The Wonderful Whales

*****Miss Vananzo's Rocking Team: May 9, 2016

Last Week We:

In Reading:

**continued to read our mystery story: The Panda Puzzle.

** talked about the different points of view different characters can have during certain events in a story.

**reviewed the parts of a friendly letter and each student wrote a very special letter to our student intern from Stevenson University. Her last day with us was on May 4.

**continued to learn syllable rules which will help us to decode multi-syllable words

**worked on our lower case cursive letters. We will begin capital letters this week.

**identified the different spellings of the Long /oo/ sound and played several games.

**listened to a story on pronouns and completed sentences using the appropriate pronoun

In Math:

**continued to review subtraction strategies to enable us to solve problems with greater speed and accuracy

**drew pictures to begin early multiplication skills: 4 x 6: we say: 4 groups of 6 and we created a drawing to show our understanding

**played a game titled: Roll a Square to reinforce place value skills.

**continued to solve story problems using these strategies:

**tens and ones, **number line **keep the first number whole

Catch of the Week

  • The air conditioning is now on in our building . If your Whale has a concerned, please have them bring a sweater/jacket that they can keep in their locker.
  • Please be sure your Whale wears or bring tennis shoes each Friday and Monday.
  • Be sure to sign your child's May Reading Calendar each night. It is in their Jacksonville Folder.

Ocean of Events

  • School Store is only opened on Wednesdays
  • May 13: PTA Spring Carnival and Silent Auction

Be sure to check the Jacksonville/PTA Newsletter for more information

  • Cake Walk Donations for the Spring Carnival: Grades 1 and 2 are asked to donate a whole unsliced cake. Drop off donations by noon on Friday, May 13.
  • Through May: Dollars for Dogs: donations accepted in JES Lobby
  • May 25: Field Day and End of Year Picnic: Field Day: 9:30 to 12;30. Friends and family are welcome to attend. Picnic: 1:00-2:00. Please bring a lunch/blanket and enjoy spending time with your second graders.

It's a Whale of a Word

Our word of the week is:

Exhausted (adjective)

Definition: you are extremely tired

Sentence: We were exhausted after hiking uphill all day long.

**If your Whale brings the word of the week into class written on a piece of paper and can tell something they did that when they were finished they were exhausted, they will receive a colorful shell.

Sea Star of the Week: Anna

Here are a few of her favorites:

Places to Go: Mexico, McDonalds, New Jersey and Florida

Books: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and Peanut Butter and Cupcake

Movies: Zootopia, The Lorax, and Horton Hears a Who

Things I Like to Do in the Community: Lax, B-Ball and Baseball

Foods: Pickles, Vinegar Chips, Mac and Cheese, and Mozarella Sticks

Like to Do at School: Recess, Gym and Run the Triangle

Favorite Subjects: Gym and Social Studies


Here are a few of his favorites:

Places to Go:Great Wolf Lodge and Hershey Park

Book: Dairy of a Wimpy Kid and Dinosaurs A to Z

Movie: Pixels, The Lego Movie and Wreck-It Ralph

Things I Like to Do in the Community: Run and Play

Foods: Noodles, Hot Dogs, Pizza, and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Like to Do at School: Play at Recess

Favorite Subjects: Math, Reading, Art, Library and Gym


Here are a few of her favorites:

Places to Go:Kent Island, Ocean City, Delaware and Annie's Playground

Books: Magic Tree House Books, Mystery Stories and Chapter Books

Movies: My Babysitter's a Vampire, Stuart LIttle, and Zootopia

Things I Like to Do in the Community: Swinging, Sliding and Girl Scouts

Foods: Pizza, Snowballs, Chicken, Steak and Apples

Favorite Subjects: Math

Like to Do at School: Reading and Math


Here are a few of her favorites:

Places to Go: Disney World and Go on a Disney Cruise

Books: Ivy + Bean and a Special Book I Got From My Aunt

Movies: Hotel for Dogs and Dolphin Tale 1 and 2

Things I Like to Do in the Community: Ice Skate

Foods: Crabs, Brownies, Artichokes, and Mac and Cheese

Like to Do at School: Read and Write

Favorite Subjects: Everything!