Were is Ancient India located?

India is underneath Asia but the Himalaya Mountains separate them from each other.
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Pro's and Con's of living in India


  • The Himalaya Mountains separate India from the rest of Asia providing protection.
  • When the snow on the Himalaya Mountains melts and comes down it makes the land fertile which is good for farming.
  • When the summer monsoon comes it makes the Indus river flood and it makes the land fertile.
  • There is a lot of open spaces in India so they could have big cities and houses.

  • When the monsoons come there is the winter and summer and in the winter the air is dry and cold and in the summer its moist and hot
  • They were separated from Asia because of he Himalaya Mountains so they couldn't trade.

Goegraphic Features

How did humans impact the land?

Farmers domesticated many plants such as melons, wheat, peas, dates, sesame seeds, and cotton. Also many animals. So they pretty much moved in and started farming and using animals to do so.

Natural Resources

There were many resources like melons, wheat, peas, dates, sesame seeds, and cotton. Along with many stones.
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