June 2021 Newsletter

Duncanville ISD's CTE/CCMR Department Newsletter

Dear CTE Colleagues:

More than ever, we are impressed by your ingenuity, your resilience, your passion and your strength, as we have navigated unprecedented challenges over the past year. Now more than ever, I am proud to be a Duncanville ISD educator, and grateful to have such wonderful colleagues in all of you.

This past year has been hard. You have had to transition from your normal teaching practice to remote learning, setting up new lesson plans, devising and recording instructional videos, preparing materials, and finding new ways to check-in, check-on, and connect with your students. And all of you have done this while juggling the effects of COVID-19 on your family and personal lives as well. You have achieved great things despite the hardship. YOU are the true “MVPs.” Have a great summer vacation!! You DESERVE IT!!!

-Shalontae Payne, Director of CTE/CCMR

In this newsletter ...

Summer Enrichment Opportunities

Visit the Summer Enrichment Opportunities page to access all of the details about our summer programs. You'll find videos and registration links for CTE/CCMR programs as well as information about programs happening in the community.

Duncanville ISD College Readiness Camp 2021
Duncanville ISD Camp Career Connect 2021 Trailer
Duncanville ISD CTE/CCMR Summer Bridge Camp Trailer
Duncanville ISD Summer Braiding Camp 2021
Have a summer program you’d like to add? Email the information to kyanna@duncanvilleisd.org.

CTE Pathways Bright Spots

🐑 Principles of Agriculture, Practicum of Agriculture and Practicum of Fashion Design students had combined lessons using sheared wool that was donated by the staff at Camp Ascend. Mary Berry, a local business owner/fabricator, has been bringing her equipment and working with the students to clean, dry, card and spin the wool. Up next, dyeing the wool. Then fashion design students will craft some small objects from the wool.

📐 Practicum of Architectural Design students completed their 6-week, virtual internship experience with Callison RTKL. Students chose an area from their surrounding community to create an improvement design. Some projects included renovating the building in a local park, expanding and creating a safer bus stop area and creating an inner-city rest stop for tourists and walkers with a designated "hang-out" space.

👨‍🏭 Welding II and Practicum in Manufacturing students have been busy practicing tack welding skills. Several of them successfully completed the AWS D1.9 certification that involves tack welding.

🏆 Bryd Middle School students participated in virtual competitions at the State level. We are anxiously awaiting their results in Job Interview and Promotional Bulletin Board.

🏩 Health Science staff were re-certified to offer CPR certifications to students. This will help keep us in compliance with CPR certification as a graduation requirement.

👩‍💼 Business and Marketing students have been training and testing for Certified Insurance components (Personal, Auto and Residential) and Notary Public. We will have a number of students graduating with appealing resumes attained during their Practicum level courses.

👨‍🍳 Plans for the renovation of a secondary Culinary Arts lab (J165) are underway. This will allow those kitchen spaces to be outfitted as commercial kitchens rather than having the look and functionality of home kitchens. Undergoing a conversion of electric to gas, the students will have new ranges to experience, along with an induction cooktop and a convection oven with air-fryer capability.

Big picture

Earn Credentials. Earn a Living. With CTE!

It is certification time of year. Industry-Based Certifications (IBC) allow our students (and our district 😉) to "shine". IBCs are approved by the state for accountability purposes and are also recognized by industry professionals. They provide benchmarks for employers, signaling what they can expect the new hire to understand and use effectively based upon the attainment of the certification. As such, IBCs are great resume starters!

To date (and still testing) we have:

  • 5 Microsoft Office certifications
  • 28 Automotive Service Excellence certifications
  • 12 I-CAR certifications
  • 24 American Welding Society certifications
  • 10 Google Analytics Individual Qualifications
  • 7 Level I Drafting certifications
  • 3 CADD Operator certifications
  • 1 Associate Degree in Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

In addition to the above,

  • 17 Clinical Nursing Assistant students engaged in theory and clinical experience with Dallas College and completed the 100-hour program. Soon they will be assessed to hopefully become certified.
  • 12 Cosmetology students completed 900 or more clock hours and are ready to tackle the written portion of their licensing exam. This will be scheduled as soon as the state grants us time in the testing arena.
  • 7 Web Design students are certified as Google Analytics Individual Qualifiers

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) testing has been proctored for the last two weeks. ASE certified areas include:

  • Light Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Performance

Students all across the CTE classrooms are accruing Precision Exam attainments. Many of the exams proctored under the Precision "heading" will become eligible for A-F accountability points in the 2022-2023 school year.

Hatching in Action

Principles of Agriculture and Byrd Middle School students were given fertilized eggs to tend through our partnership with 4-H Clubs associated with Prairie View A&M. They started hatching on June 4!

The Class of 2021 includes 631 CTE Completers!

Within Career and Technical Education there are prescribed course sequences for students to take that the state refers to as Programs of Study.

A student is designated a completer if:

  • He/she completes five CTE courses within one Program of Study
  • And two or more of those courses are for three or more credits
  • And at least one of those courses is a level 3 or 4 course in the sequence

🎉 The graduating class of DHS has 631 completers! Congratulations on this accomplishment. This is another great step towards a healthy resume.

Michelle graduated from DHS with 55 dual credit hours and earned a B.A. in Psychology from Dallas Baptist U. in just two years! She is currently the youngest student in the University of Texas at Arlington's graduate Social Work program. Upon graduation in August, she plans on becoming a licensed master social worker (LMSW) and eventually a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). She hopes to utilize her skills as a hospital social worker before starting her own therapy practice.

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