Mrs. Dollard's ELA News

Week of November 16-20

Reading Workshop

We are busy reading the book, "Because of Winn-Dixie" this week and "The Tiger Rising" as a class. We are learning all about characters and how they can change. Students are really working hard and reading with so much intent. They are participating in rich discussions and learning new vocabulary words for positive and negative traits.

Writing Workshop

In Writing this week, we are beginning to work on writing persuasively. Students have been asked to bring in a picture of their favorite pet (either their pet at home, or a pet they wished they had). Students will be writing a persuasive essay of why their pet is the cutest. Students will then vote on the cutest pet, based on the reasons why, not just the pictures!

A Snapshot of our Week

Family Literacy Night on Thursday, 11/19 at 5 pm, Please RSVP

Homework for the Week

This week, we are studying the Greek & Latin root, "Naut, Naus" which means having to do with water and sailing. Students are working on creating their Keynotes. Their Keynotes are submitted each Thursday via Canvas. If students do not turn this in, it is 5 points off their homework grade.

Analysis of a Character Project

Every student was given a purple piece of paper today with the project instructions. Students must choose a book to create a poster this week. Projects will be due on Tuesday, the 24th. If for some reason your child will be absent that day, please let me know and have them bring their project in early. Thanks!