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King Charles V Appoints Cortes As Governor of New Spain

Getting To Know Hernando Cortes

I met with Hernando Cortes in Mexico City where he told me how he became governor. He said he was born in Spain. When he was a boy his parents wanted him to go to school to be a lawyer. He didn't want to be a lawyer he wanted to follow his dreams. His dream was to find gold and conquer new lands. The king of Spain King Charles V sent him from Cuba to the Gulf Of Mexico in 1519. He was told to trade with natives and to bring back slaves.

More about Hernando Cortes

How Hernando Became Governor

When Hernando Cortes arrived in Mexico he was able to easily build an army of people who had been defeated by the Aztecs. The Aztecs forced people to pay taxes to them. Hernando Cortes' most famous accomplishments was when he defeated the Aztecs with his army. His second accomplishment was when King Charles V appointed Hernando Cortes as Governor of New Spain. Let's wait and see what Hernando Cortes does next.