Jacksons good times and bad times

By:Steven simon

Killing the national bank

Andrew Jackson thought that taking the national bank was a good deed .Jackson thought that the national bank was giving money to the rich only.When it was time renew there contract Jackson vetoed the bill. Jackson killed the national bank and the rich thought he was crazy but the poor were happy.Jackson supported the poor because he was once a poor kid.

Indian removal act

Andrew Jackson was trying to move the Indians to a different land to take Georgia away from the Indians so they could have more land and grow cotton.Jackson thought it would help the poor out as a job opportunity. Jackson also wanted more land for the Americans. Jackson told the supreme court he didn't care and he still made the Indians.

War record ( battle of new Orleans)

Jackson lead the army to win against the British. Jackson had a good idea and built a shield to protect them 75 of American solider died and 2000 British solider died in the war. Jackson was good leader for the American army which helped him win in the second election. when Jackson barryacade the troops was a good idea for the americans

Political cartoon

They were saying that Andrew Jackson was like a king more than a president. Andrew Jackson did what he wanted to do and he didn't care on what he did.Andrew Jackson was a savage to the rich and he was a great leader to the poor.Jackson wasn't scared of anything and he did what he thought was right.

soldiers perspective

we won the war that we all thought we lose but we all had faith in Andrew Jackson and he lead us to victory. Andrews smart idea to barricade us with the wet sand and it protected us all except the 75 others that died including my best friend jimmy.

Indian Perspective

The Cherokee were sad when they had to leave there home land and they didn't like the reason on why they had to leave.