Goldfields: Women&Children



Since the parents all ways moved around looking for more richer goldfields the children would change schools more often.It was taking long for a school to be built in new areas so some children didn't even go to school.This made it alot harder for children to read, write and other important things.Children couldn't get educated because of what happened in their daily life. Childrens schoolhouses were made out of tents which made the roof leak.

Woman and Childrens Health

Women and childrens health was very very poor because lots of horrific things would happen.

There was a little supply of water because the workers would of made the creeks muddy.This would mean that it would be very difficult for them to clean themselves. There were only a little bit of doctors or chemists in the goldfields. Most of them were unqualified. Many children died by dysentry or cholrea. So people built a cemetary for children called the pennyweight flats childrens cemetary. More than 200 children were buried there. When women gave birth to their child another woman would help her. Lots of women would pass away while giving birth to their child/children. Some of these illnesses were diptheria, whooping cough, measles, typhoid and much much more.

Roles and Responsibilities for women in goldfields

Men usually were the people who would dig and look for gold. Women and their children would join their husband/father while they are digging.They were mostly the one who cooked and washed and sometimes danced or sang for the gold diggers. In the early years of gold digging there would be barely any women mostly men. Women would stay at home with a little bit of money while their husbands would live and dig in thegoldfields. When the conditions in the golfields got better the women and children would go to the goldfields. Women would stay home and make bread, butters, jams and clothes for their families. Women would move to the goldfields when their husbands had enough gold to build a hut. Women would keep a few goats and other animals so that their children would be able to eat better food. As more women came into the goldfields, it got more settled. Some women would be laundresses, storekeepers, prositutes, dancers and actresses.