Tree Of Heaven

By Kevion Chunn

Tree of Heavens origin

The Tree of Heaven originally from Northeastern and central China this massive tree with grows up at least 15 meters and has a life span of at least 50 years. But the Tree of Heaven does not only reside in china there are other trees of heaven located in Germany,Taiwan and the U.S

Tree Of Heaven Pros and Cons

The Tree of Heaven as beautiful as it has some serious consequences when planted one when you plant the tree of heaven it copy it self and spreads far and wide growing everywhere by law not it is illegal to plant the tree of heaven due to it mass producing itself. one Pro of the tree of heaven if we ever run short wood or need a alternate source of energy we could burn Heaven trees since they copy and make more of themselves

Removal of the tree of heaven

the only natural way to remove the tree of heaven is to cut up all tress of heaven and to pull up the stump why is cause if you do not cut the tree down or pull up the stump the tree will just copy itself somewhere else. also there is no safe way to control the tree of heavens mass production that is why tree of heaven is forbidden to be planted anywhere

Kevion Chunn

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