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Are you Ready to Roll?

April 15,2016 Beckondorff junior high fundraising money for five different non profit organizations : Cure sanphilipo, Scouts Honor, Ainsley's Angels, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Autism Rescue Angles. We hope to raise $50k for them and hope you help us accomplish our goal. Its a beautiful day to save lives.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

This is a very well know organization that gives money to do research, treatment, and find a cure for this blood cancer. They are so close to finding a prefect treatment and only need a little push to finish off a life changing cure.

Cure Sanifilipo Foundation

This foundation helps raise money for research, treatment, and cure stimulations. I know this is an organization I want to help out most because they are so close to finding a cure. Also, the lifespan of someone with this illness is 12 years old, meaning a child could die at 12 with an unfinished or unfulfilled life and who would want their child to experience that?

How do I donate?

If you want to donate all you have to do is send a check or cash to Beckondorff Junior High adrssed to BDJH Ready to Roll day or the non profit's name you'd like to help. You.can also donate through our website