Pronoun sports

Inerogative pronoun

I got to ask how was that home run you got last week? Also how did it feel yesterday getting that triple?
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Sudjective pronoun

I last week picked the best play and it was that goal by Patrick kane. Also I picked that touchdown by Odell beckhem Jr.

subjective pronoun

so this year I wonder how will win the super bowl? but here's someone how will the man him self Peyton Manning.
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Possessive pronoun

Today I will be picking plays. I call this one this is mine.
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Compound personal pronoun

I think that this year Brett Farve will be in the hall of fame. I made this pick myself from th start.
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Antecedent pronoun

I wonder how will be the MVP of the SB. The two top choices are Peyton Manning and Cam Newton I think it will be him.
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Demonstrative pronoun

Last week I was replaying a game and I see these I'm like what are those.
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Numeral pronouns

I have seen this year like a hundred plays. It has been so fun watching them though.
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Indefinite pronouns

Last nights super bowl was high scoring. There was so many good plays.
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