Elizabeth Blackwell

1st Woman Doctor

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Early Years

"Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England, near Bristol on February 3, 1821, the third of nine children, at a time when women had no access to higher education or the professions, and married women had no legal identities separate from their husbands" (Elizabeth Blackwell, Amazing women in history). She was growing up in a rich family where both boys and girls were able to be tutored at home. Everything changed nine years later. Her family had to up and moved from England to the United States (Amazing women). After her father died, her family had to figure out a way to get money. "Elizabeth, then 18, her mother Hannah, and two older sisters opened a private school: The Cincinnati English and French Academy for Young Ladies."(Amazing women)

Becoming a Doctor

"When she visited a friend dying of cancer, Mary Donaldson told her how difficult it was to have exams and treatments performed by a male doctor. She suggested that since Elizabeth loved to study, she should study medicine."(library of medicine) Elizabeth Blackwell thought it would be challenging to become a women physician, but it intrigued her. she also believed that if she started studying medicine that she would discourage a marriage (amazing women in history)."In January, 1849, at the age of 28, Elizabeth Blackwell received her medical degree, at the top of her class. Though she had received the necessary training and credential, she was banned from practicing medicine by the medical community."
Women's History Month - Elizabeth Blackwell

Later Years

She offered a solution to help by creating an internship positions for women who have been rejected. ( U.S National Library of Medicine)"She also published several important books on the issue of women in medicine, including Medicine as a Profession For Women in 1860 and Address on the Medical Education of Women in 1864." Once Elizabeths health went down she gave up on her practice, but she still campaigned for the reform (Library of medicine)
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