Jane Addams

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Jane's Early Life

Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860. She was born in Cedarville, Illinois. She was the youngest of nine children. When Jane was a young child, she liked to play outdoors, read books and attend Sunday school. When Jane was four, she contacted Tuberculosis of the spine or "Potts Disease". In her teens, Jane wanted to become a doctor. She wanted to help the poor. She attended Rockford Female Seminary (Rockford University), in Rockford Illinois. She graduated in 1881.

Jane? A Progressive? No Way!

Jane is considered a progressive because she co-founded the first settlement house in the United States. The mansion was built by Charles Hull in 1856. Jane paid for all the capital expenses. The Hull House facilities included a night school for adults, kindergarten classes, clubs for older children, a public kitchen, a gym, a girls club, a bath house and etc. The Hull House became the best known settlement house in America.


Jane's Major Accomplishments

In 1915, Jane became involved in the Women's Peace Party. She was also elected national chairman. Jane was elected president of the Women's International League For Peace and Freedom in 1915.

Why Did I Research Jane Addams?

I researched Jane Addams because I liked how she cared about the poor immigrants. She established a settlement home to helped the poor and immigrants get back on their feet.